The Countdown

Today I started my senior year of college. SENIOR YEAR! How crazy is that?! Its pretty crazy to me. So here is my beginning of senior year reflection.

Last night as I laid in bed sending Henry my final few texts of the night I told him the number of days until our wedding. 285 days.

Wow! That seems like a lot of days. But then I got to thinking. Thinking about how much will happen in the next 285 days. Within the next 285 days I will: apply for an internship, I will find out if I get placed in an internship, will turn 22, I will celebrate my 3rd Thanksgiving and Christmas with Henry, we will finish planning our wedding, we will celebrate at other weddings, we will find out where we will be moving to, we will find our first apartment to move into, Henry will turn 22, we will celebrate many family birthdays, we will graduate college, we will move, and we will GET MARRIED!

It is crazy to think that all of that will happen in the next 285 days. And that is all that I know about right now! There will be many more memories made than what I have listed above. Many small things that lead to precious memories, whether they be good or bad memories. In the next 285 days small and big things will happen, all worth while things. Things that we might not even notice made an impact on our lives until many years later. But no matter what happens, each day will be worth while, even if we don’t remember it for the rest of our lives.

So many times I have said “Oh I wish June 4th was here already! I can’t wait to marry my best friend.” And I have to admit, already this year( yes I know this school year is only a few hours in) I have said how I wish this was the last day of classes, or how I am just ready to have the year be done. But now I am realizing that while I can’t wait to graduate and get married, it would be so sad for all of these next 285 days to just blow away. I hope that these next 285 days, and the thousands of days to follow, will each be precious to Henry and to me. That we appreciate each day for what it is: a day, a chance to live and to make memories.

So here begins my countdown. My countdown to the day we graduate and to the day I marry my best friend. And while I can’t wait and am very excited for both of those days, I’m going to do my very best at living each day and not wishing any way.

Here’s to senior year and the next 285 days.